I am an artist from Miami, FL. I enjoy working in oil,  pen and ink and watercolor.  Most of my work is inspired by children's book art, music, folklore, mystery and the people behind them.

Art of the Macabre 

Waiting for Inspiration, pen and ink, 9" x 12"

Monster Mash is a macabre collection of pen and ink drawings and mixed-media paintings. You will find some of my favorite characters and personalities are featured including Vincent Price, Frankenstein and Edgar Allan Poe. These characters have haunted me ever since I was a kid watching the Saturday afternoon "Creature Feature" movies that were creepy and whimsical at the same time.

The Unknown Musician

Alice Cooper with his lovely bride, Ethyl

Der Unbekannte Musiker (The Unknown Musician) juxtaposes stylized portraits of well-known musicians from the classical period such as Mozart and Beethoven as well as modern artists like Neoclassical virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen and bluesman Robert Johnson.  The musicians are the inspirations to the lesser-known everyday musicians (The Unknown Musician). 

The Unknown Musician takes on many forms, physical as well as in spirit. He is drawn as a simplified figure with a plain face.  He also holds a candle which is a symbol for artistic inspiration.  

The paintings explore the often flamboyant personalities, folklore and legends behind the music as well as enhance the mysteries of how and why they endure in our culture today.  In this series, I wish to explore the following questions, “Why create?” “How are we connected?” and “Will we be remembered?

The Unknown Composer, oil on canvas, 42x36

The Unknown Composer, oil on canvas, 42" x 36"

Reincarnation? II (J.S. Bach and Yngwie Malmsteen)
Reincarnation? II (J.S. Bach and Yngwie Malmsteen), 
oil on canvas, 30" x 40"